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MAS Seeds News

MAS Seeds lancement de marque


MAÏSADOUR Semences est devenu MAS Seeds

MAÏSADOUR Semences est devenu MAS Seeds

Le 10 avril 2018, la marque MAÏSADOUR Semences est devenu MAS Seeds pour mieux afficher sa volonté d’innover et ses ambitions internationales.

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Social Wall

Creating the first ring of the food chain the #seed is not a small task. 😅 That's why we need a team with a taste f… https://t.co/ntnLnpXUT1

@MASSeeds twitter

Planet #warmingclimate is becoming more and more unpredictible... Threatening the crops.
Since 15 years MAS Seeds… https://t.co/zngDVR8qVe

@MASSeeds twitter

Happy innovation day 🔬
All around and beyond genetics and agronomy, new practices and solutions are being and remai… https://t.co/WNfsM4TvPb

@MASSeeds twitter

Because we were so pleased to change the year last time, we decided to start again to thank our Chinese team. 🎉🇨🇳… https://t.co/a8D807xw6W

@MASSeeds twitter

Today we celebrate the International Day of Women in Science. 👩‍🔬 👩‍🌾

We want to shine a light on the Women who gi… https://t.co/9oy8tmw8pt

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